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Southern Idaho is experiencing a surge in economic development as a direct result of the focused team efforts of Business Plus, Inc., the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO), the College of Southern Idaho (CSI), and the State of Idaho. In just 10 months*, seven companies either held a grand opening or announced plans to build or expand facilities in the area creating nearly 5,000 jobs (direct/indirect) and over $800M in capital investment.

This success is attributed to a variety of factors including a high level of teamwork among regional partners. The region has developed a unique model with SIEDO marketing the region, community teams highlighting their area, the College of Southern Idaho providing job training, and private business fundraising by Business Plus to provide direct grants and to help fund SIEDO’s efforts. This collaborative model has played an instrumental role in the region’s success and was a key component to attracting three new businesses: Chobani Yogurt, Clif Bar and global fruit processor Frulact Group.

Jan Rogers, Executive Director of SIEDO, sums it up:

"We never take our eye off the endgame which is to create good-paying jobs for our citizens who live in our region, and capital investment to help with the tax base. It is all about that. It's not about individuals or a particular community. It's about, 'How do we close this deal'?"

Regional success brings even greater economic benefits with its multiplier effect. This momentum resonates throughout the region, strengthening the economy with businesses opened, plants constructed, homes built, cars sold, and loans made from local banks. Architects, engineers, attorneys, CPAs, and skilled labor all benefit from an increase in demand for services, further strengthening the business community.

Business Plus invites you to become an investor and help create new jobs, enrich the region’s economy and strengthen our foundation. Your investment will directly support the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization’s efforts to retain and attract businesses to Southern Idaho.

By investing in Business Plus your business will be promoted through our electronic and printed marketing materials, community events and business networking. You will be invited to attend our quarterly meetings and even given the opportunity to co-sponsor one of these meetings.

*December 2012 - October 2013